In June 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, Flor de Caña Rum was kind enough to commission a series of mural illustrations. The request was something that represents Nicaragua, as they were going to be placed in different parts of the world on liquor stores or bars. We agreed on representing different cultural celebrations and dances around Nicaragua, and I decided to also mix in some of the nature and animals of our rich flora and fauna. As you can see I decided to go with a less traditional and more fresh take on the typical Güegüense play, with bright vivid colors and the 12 year Centenario bottle at the center of the piece. 
The process went like this. Pencil sketching, then transfer to Procreate and then continued to digital artwork, inking and painting. You can see some of that next.
And finally I got the great news that the mural was going to be printed and installed in a new resto-bar in my adoptive home-town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. I also happen to have worked the naming and branding of this place just weeks before. All in all, it came out looking great, I hope I can soon get the opportunity to hand paint one of my murals, that's the goal.
Thank you!
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