Chispafest is the educational event that brings the world’s creative leaders together with professionals and students from Nicaragua and Central America.

It is an annual gathering of conferences, workshops, exhibits and parties in Managua; designed to inspire, create community and accelerate the development of our creative industries.
Chispafest was established in 2016 with a ‘Beta’ edition for 200 people. In 2017, the event was produced for 1,200 attendees during two days. It featured 12 master keynotes and 5 workshops.
I was lucky to be part of the production team, I was in charge of audiovisual content, tv spots, background animations, speakers intros, opening credits, bumpers, sponsor videos. Produced with the Madre Consulting team, and executed by Jemax and his team the day of the event.
Here is a video recap of the event.
Thank you very much!
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